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What I can do for you

Copywriting This is where we start from scratch. You tell me what you need, I interview you and write your new website, leaflet, brochure, sales letter, press release.

Copyediting Here we tidy up what you’ve already got. You may be happy with the gist of the content but need a professional to check it for grammar, sentence flow and need it restructured for maximum impact.
Proofreading Most people read what they think they’ve written – so it’s corporate suicide if you don’t have a professional to proof your work.
PR Your latest company news may be ripe pickings for the right magazine. Are you a start-up? Doing something unusual or topical? I worked for many years as a journalist and there’s nobody better to write your press release than someone who has had first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t.

Social media Twitter and Facebook set-up and maintenance. Take Twitter, for instance. You know you need to do it but you may not have the time or the knack of knocking a useful message out of 140 characters (including spaces). To me it’s an extended headline and I’ve written countless headlines. So I can compose your Tweets, leaving you to do what you do best.

Ghostwriting Here you are the credited author and I am the writer. I’ve ghostwritten non-fiction (blogs, for example) and fiction (e-novels). I work with people who have great ideas but need a professional writer either because they don’t have the time or skill to do their ideas justice.

Call Bowler Hat on 020 8404 0453 or 07946 450708 to talk about writing services that could help your business.
Or email me at julie@bowlerhatmedia.co.uk

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