Spot the Typos

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Here’s a piece of text with 10 typos. See if you can spot them all.

How to complain with class

There are some people who are never satisfied and who kick off at every opportunity. Then there are those who are as silent as a stealth bomber but when they blow, they really loose their rage.

Always try to be the latter. If you cry wolf to often people won’t listen when theres a real emergency. First stop and count to 10. Do you have ground for complaint? Be very friendly, present the problem and ask what they can do to assist you. You don’t want to alienate your target. Get them to empathize.

Complain in a slow, low voice. If you start at a screach you’ll have nothing to work up to. Never get too irate and don’t lose the sight of the fact that your the victim. Always get the name of the person who is not assisting you and ensure them you will be contacting their boss.


When you’ve noted down your answers, you can check them here



People on trains are rude

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A percentage of people who travel on trains seem to have undergone some sort of personality bypass. A perfectly decent person who wouldn’t think twice about apologising if they bumped into you in the street suddenly becomes warrior-like when they commute. But, I think we all know many commuters are in a category of their own – I’m really talking about the rest of the train passenger population. The non-peak traffic lot.

train pic

I was travelling overground to Paddington the other day and a fair few people were standing for a fair few stops. Did they have to? No. But to get a seat they’d have had to have asked seated passengers to move their bags/hats/books/lunch from the adjacent seat.

Unbelievably, rather than risk ‘upsetting’ said seated passengers they remained standing but – much worse, in my books – not one of the seated passengers made any effort to remove their bag/hat/book/lunch to free up a seat.

Then you’ve got the ‘feet-on-the-seat’ people. This annoys me so much I choose to sit in the two-seater arrangements because passengers can’t stretch their feet on it from an opposite seat. I know it sounds grumpy but if you’re wearing anything half-decent you don’t want your bum to look dirty and dusty thanks to the grime that’s been wiped off from the bottom of somebody’s shoe.

I just came home on a busy train from Ealing Broadway where an immaculately-dressed man stank out the carriage chomping though a smelly pasty and then not-so-secretly crumpled up the paper bag it had come in and crushed it underfoot on the floor – not far from the litter bin. Bet they expect more of him in the board room….


Of course, there are even helpful notices to guide you in the direction of being polite: suggesting you offer a seat to someone who’s less able to stand. They don’t work either. Quite a few years ago I was standing and carrying my baby daughter while a carriage-full of seated passengers did what passengers do best – look everywhere but at each other. After a shaky few minutes, tottering, I asked if anyone minded giving us their seat. I’ve never seen everyone in a carriage stand up so quickly!



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