Let’s talk: online shopping

July 26, 2021 § Leave a comment

Online shopping is convenient. That’s the positive dealt with.

I get that it can be a lifeline for elderly people (particularly those who struggle to walk loads, drive or carry heavy bags) – ironically, though, the elderly are the age group least likely to use the internet.

So, what’s my issue with online shopping? There are a few…

  • Pictures can be deceiving. Wonderful photographs show the product in its best light but when you receive the item you realise it’s nowhere near as wonderful as the image made it look. (Think estate agent photos.)
  • Size matters – a lot. Most people in their online shopping career have received something that was bigger – or smaller – than they imagined it would be. That’s not the fault of the retailer. They’re good at making sure the dimensions or weight are all there in the product description. The customer can be bad at checking those details however.
  • It feels or smells wrong. However good the product description, words can’t tell you what other senses can and only when you shop online do you realise the touchy-feely side of shopping makes a big contribution to your decision to buy or not buy.
  • Extra cost. You pay for delivery (rightly so, of course) so convenience comes at a price.
  • Deliveries not coming on time. Only the other day my daughter didn’t receive an order of shoes and a bag she’d ordered to complete an outfit for a wedding she was attending. (I would never buy shoes online but they’re only one of a long list so I won’t go into that.)

Every one of the above criticisms can’t be thrown at traditional shopping where you see it, touch it, smell it, decide not to buy if it’s too big/small and walk away with it in your hand just seconds after paying for it. Bliss.

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