I lost faith in the offer because the copy was spelt so badly

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I want to do yoga – frankly I need to do yoga – so when a Winter sun/yoga offer plopped into my inbox it looked just ‘the thing’. I was nearly on my way to find my leggings and book my place. And then I read the copy.


They wanted me to believe that there were professionals at the end of this venture into yoga which, they explained, means union of “body, mint and spirit.” (Please note: this is the sort of mistake your spellcheck can never pick up because although the word’s completely wrong, the spelling’s entirely right so there’s no reason for the spellcheck to question it.)

‘Whether’ was spelt ‘Wether’, sentences were constructed inside-out and back-to-front and the punctuation thrown randomly at the copy like confetti.

This was a three-paragraph email. It’s not hard to get that right – language/writing clearly wasn’t their strength, and they should have given the job to someone who could have polished it up properly. Then more people would have actually followed through, found their leggings and booked a slot.

When I see a company can’t be bothered to spell properly, I wonder what other corners they’re cutting.

Mind your language – would-be customers will doubt your professionalism if you don’t – and you’ll do nothing for your reputation.

Spot the Typos

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Here’s a piece of text with 10 typos. See if you can spot them all.

How to complain with class

There are some people who are never satisfied and who kick off at every opportunity. Then there are those who are as silent as a stealth bomber but when they blow, they really loose their rage.

Always try to be the latter. If you cry wolf to often people won’t listen when theres a real emergency. First stop and count to 10. Do you have ground for complaint? Be very friendly, present the problem and ask what they can do to assist you. You don’t want to alienate your target. Get them to empathize.

Complain in a slow, low voice. If you start at a screach you’ll have nothing to work up to. Never get too irate and don’t lose the sight of the fact that your the victim. Always get the name of the person who is not assisting you and ensure them you will be contacting their boss.


When you’ve noted down your answers, you can check them here



Proofreading test – spot the typos!

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Fancy having a go at proofreading? Below is a piece of text with some typical typos – see if you can spot them all, make a note and check your answers afterwards by following the link.

Alliance Française de Glasgow

The Alliance Française de Glasgow was established in 1982 and serves as an official french language and cultural centre in Glasgow’s west end with the aim of sharing the love of the French language and culture.

The organisation, who’s teachers are all native French speakers runs regular courses for more than 500 adults and children every week in and around Glasgow as well offering private tuition and tailor made courses for shools and businesses. The group also have courses specifically for primery school teachers and university students.

Teaching activites are complimented by cultural and social events including wine tastings, film screenings and photography exhibitions.

As part of the drive to broaden it’s appeal, the Alliance Française de Glasgow have introduced the Europresse service, allowing learners access to around 1,500 French magazines magazines online. Being part of a worldwide network means students can enrol on a French course in cities such as Paris, Marseile, Bourdeaux, Lyon and Montpellier, all of which enjoy strong links with the group.


When you’ve jotted down your answers, check them here.

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