Fluke? Coincidence? Downright spooky!

November 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

One Saturday night I saw the beautiful Katie Piper (whose modelling career was disrupted by an acid attack) in a pub and the very next day she turned up as the cover feature in the Sunday supplement of a newspaper I was reading.

I told the friends I was staying with that that kind of coincidence often happens to me: seeing somebody out-of-the-blue one day and then hearing something else about them shortly after.

But then…on the Monday afternoon I made a cake (frankly an unusual enough an event in its own right) and used a whisk a former neighbour had given me. Hadn’t spoken to him for months – since I moved house, in fact – and hadn’t used the whisk since the move. Anyway, had just put the cake in the oven when my mobile rang – it was said former neighbour asking how I was getting on in my new neighbourhood.

(This is making me a bit goosebumpy as I tell you the story!)

Because then…on the following day I was with a group of people and one of them was telling us about the film called, The Secret. I know now it’s well-known but most of us weren’t aware of it. As much as the woman speaking recommended the movie and its premise of positive thinking, I wouldn’t honestly have given it another thought – had the man opposite me on the train journey home not been reading a book of the same name. I made a note of the author (Rhonda Byrne) and Aunty Google later told me that, yes, it was the book of the film!

So on three occasions during one week, chance or unusual experiences were followed by freaky coincidences. ┬áThat’s spooky – yes?

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